House in the Red Rocks

Woman of NOW - Empowerment
Donating and Giving is a beautiful trade mark anchored in the American soul; we give to our religious community, give to Goodwill and the Red Cross, and to many other places as well as occasions. We are known the world over as the most generous people.

That’s why I responded immediately when a friend recently said:

“Do you have a personal Project in mind which you would like to put on stable, financial ground? Have you ever considered ‘donation financing’? CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL is ready to open YOUR donation account. Wouldn’t this be something for you, too?”

I immediately said YES. Since, donations stream into my donation account “House in the Red Rocks” from people who want to do ‘Good to others’.  This house will be the home of retreats for Women’s Empowerment to learn HOW to ditch guilt, blame, shame and gain strength to live in emotional independence.

So, what might be your project? Express it and get started. Your initial donation will support someone’s dream, and in return donations stream toward your dream.

I have taken this opportunity very recently and already I see amazing results. Let me guide you through the initial steps, and together we initiate your project’s financial funding. With your donation you can help others reaching their goal!

“Do good to others, as they do good for you” – CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL’s principle is donating and receiving donations. CFI is the project I believe in: